Monday, November 3, 2008

Sonya Zimmer says make Lioneld Jordan mayor because he is dependable, capable and intelligent

All those Jordan signs tell a story

On a recent drive to the Fayetteville library, I was delighted to see many Lioneld Jordan signs prominently displayed in front of homes and businesses. From the beginning of Lioneld's candidacy, I've been drawn to his message of local government for the people. Lioneld has a record of leadership in our community as vice mayor and alderman. Lioneld has served on multiple committees and received a range of awards for his service over the years. Most important, I have been impressed by Lioneld's vision of growing Fayetteville by cultivating its unique strengths. With all these qualities, it seems like a sure thing that Lioneld would be a clear leader in the pack of mayoral candidates; however, Lioneld is not one to be flashy. He represents the people, and Lioneld Jordan - solid, dependable, capable, intelligent - is what we need in Fayetteville now. After seeing so many signs, I realized many others have recognized that too. My friends and I are excited to vote for Lioneld Jordan for mayor and urge you to do the same.
Sonya Zimmer

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