Monday, November 3, 2008

Coody talks Channel 5 videographer and reporter into a second shot

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Channel Five television team interviews Mayor Dan Coody inside the No-Campaign line set by the election board to prevent people from being harassed near the door to the polling place.

The TV 5 crew invites Alderman Lioneld Jordan to come over for an interview, but he points out that candidates cannot come across the line while campaigning. The crew moves east about 60 feet along the line and sets up and interviews Jordan.

Coody talks to the videographer for several minutes, part of the time with at least one foot over the line, and apparently convinces the team to shoot a second interview with him at the legal spot where they had interviewed Jordan.

The Channel Five workers finally agree to Coody's request and interview him again farther from the door.

Which Coody interview will Channel Five show tonight?

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