Friday, June 5, 2009

Town Branch neighbors again called upon to step up and speak out about proposed development in the heart of the neighborhood

Town Branch Neighborhood Association needs your help

Please come to our neighborhood meeting on:

Monday, June 8 at 6:00pm

Hill Avenue Church of Christ, 1136 S. Hill Ave.

Intersection of 11th St. Hill/ Ellis Ave.

The sale barn property is being sold and we can help decide what is built there, the current proposal by the developers will mean another 500 residents in our small neighborhood.
The developers (Campus Crest) and the owner Mr. Bartholomew have put in a request to rezone the livestock-auction property to Downtown General. They already have approval by the planning commission, and now it will go before Fayetteville City Council on June 16.
But we do not have to sit idly by and watch this happen, we can voice our opinion. The Town Branch Neighborhood Association has a plan to request that our neighborhood be rezoned to “neighborhood conservation” This will protect us from such high impact developments, now and in the future.
Our neighborhood is mostly single-family homes and most neighbors want to keep it that way.
We have all the details and want to share them with you at our Town Branch Neighborhood meeting so that we can make a difference.
This is a crucial issue in our neighborhood, and we need as many people as possible to come to this meeting and subsequent City Council meetings.
With Hill Place almost complete and possible rezoning of the sale barn property we will have 1,300 more people (University of Arkansas students) in our neighborhood. With an increase in traffic & noise, a once quiet neighborhood will change forever.
We can make a difference, but only with your help.
***Campus Crest Development, a student-housing company based in Charlotte, N.C., has proposed building an apartment complex on the “Sale-barn property” currently owned by Billy Joe Bartholomew.
The proposal will be to allow construction of 192 apartment units that will house approximately 512 students on 10 acres. The buildings will be 3 to 4 stories high hovering over the National Cemetery for U.S. military veterans immediately to its west. Each apartment will be 2 & 3 bedrooms. Apartments will be leased out by the bedroom, and each student bedroom will have a lock on the door.

Please come to the Town Branch Neighborhood Association meeting at the:

Church of Christ on Monday, June 8 6:00pm 1136 S. Hill Ave.

Developers will be there for first part of meeting to show plans and answer questions.

We will also have time to discuss plans of rezoning to “neighborhood conservation”

Next City Council Meeting is Tuesday, June 16—we need as many neighbors

as possible to come and voice their opinion!

Contact for more info: Kathy at 443-5751 or

or Aubrey: 444-6072 or

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